Donovin Darius is a "Messenger of Hope and Inspiration" to All Nations and All People. He helps individuals Overcome and Grow Through Adversity To Create and Achieve Massive Success in the areas of their desires. Through his encouraging, motivating, and empowering engagement style, individuals are able to identify their purposes and live out their passion in business and life.

As a proud husband and father of four children, Donovin impacts individuals around the world because of the support and encouragement he receives from his family.


After retiring from the NFL, Donovin developed his own personal development company, Donovin Darius Enterprises, Inc. The company provides motivational materials, workshops, and personal/professional development programs aimed at individuals, companies, and organizations.

As a renowned professional speaker, author, and 10 year NFL player, Donovin Darius has rose to national prominence by delivering passionate messages that show people how to achieve greatness, believe in themselves and maximize their potential.


Donovin had to struggle and persevere through many challenges to aspire to the level that some would believe to be impossible. Despite these beginnings, he developed a persistence and determination at a young age to make an impact in the life of anyone he meets.

His passion to serve others and continue to pursue greatness led him to play 10 successful years in the NFL while developing city-wide corporate and community events that empowered others to maximize their potential. He has since risen from the gridiron of the NFL to winning a Sports Emmy Award. Donovin continues to grow and he is determined to help others do the same.


Donovin has went from being a community center participant to founding his own nonprofit organization in Jacksonville, FL. The Donovin Darius Foundation partners with other nonprofit organizations to host Life Camps for N.E. Florida youth and their families.  These camps focus on cultivating leadership and life skills while connecting them to resources they need.